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June 16, 2019

Friends in Christ,

During this season of Pentecost, I invite us to reflect on two questions: why and how. Why has God located us in this place, this neighborhood? If Lynnhurst shut its doors tomorrow, would this neighborhood notice and what would be the impact in this community? Are we relevant in this neighborhood?

Once we have answered why we need to look at how we are the church and ask ourselves what our purpose or mission is. I think at its core the purpose of the church is relational. How do we relate to one another and more importantly how do we relate to the people around us in this neighborhood? How can we be the community center of this neighborhood? We have taken on the ministry of the PAL Youth Center, we support the South Louisville Community Ministries, how else can we be a faithful and relevant part of this neighborhood?

Our why has not changes since that first Pentecost Sunday, we are the church of Jesus Christ called to share the good news of the gospel. How we live into the why, our purpose and mission has changed. To be relevant in this community, to serve the people God has put in our neighborhood, to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ in this time and place we need to be open to new ideas and new possibilities. We need to be open to the movement of God’s Holy Spirit here at Lynnhurst.

I invite you to have conversations with one another and with me about the why, how, mission and purpose of our congregation in the next year and in the next two years. Thank you.

Blessings on the journey,

Pastor Monica

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