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July 07, 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

Moving is a huge undertaking. After you find a new home, sign and date the pile of mortgage paperwork, then the fun begins! You have to decide what you want to take with you (and give or throw away everything you are just not taking with you) pack it all in boxes and label the boxes (I discovered it is very important to carefully label every box ). Then the boxes and furniture (that may need to be disassembled) needs to loaded into a truck and driven to your new home. The boxes and furniture (which may need to be reassembled) needs to be unloaded and hopefully placed in the room where they will be unpacked. Doing this twice in nine months is just crazy! Does anyone enjoy moving?

I am excited to be able to purchase a new house in Jeffersonville, IN. I am also grateful for the many people who helped me move into my new home. Thank you to the Consistory for renting the UHaul truck. Thank you to Anne Stites and Susan Freepartner for proving pizza, chips and drinks for us when we arrived at the new house. Thank you to Sarah, Aaron and Emmeline for picking up and returning the rental truck. Thank you to Kirby, Joni, Cynthia, Jim, Matthew, Steven, Terry, Sarah, Aaron and Emmeline for your hard work in loading the trucks and cars at the apartment and unloading the trucks and cars at the new house. It only took us three hours to make the move!

It feels wonderful to be settled in my new home in Indiana and to be serving a congregation full of loving and faithful people. I am blessed and looking forward too many years of ministry together (I am not moving again until I retire)!

Blessings on the journey,

Pastor Monica


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