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January 19, 2020

Dear Church,

The United Church of Christ’s National Youth Event (NYE) is a spirited event held every four years centered on faith, leadership, service, and social justice first inaugurated in 1980. It is celebrated as the largest denominational gathering for the United Church of Christ, with an expected attendance of 2,500 people.

Planning is being done by several national setting offices of the United Church of Christ as well as volunteers from conferences and local churches. They have also assembled a planning team of youth who are involved on the programming team to help bring their visions and dreams to fruition.

This year the National Youth Event will be held at Purdue University in W. Lafayette, IN. The event begins on Wednesday, July 22 and ends Saturday, July 25. The event includes multiple worship services, plenary sessions with speakers, workshops, service projects, a pool party and a concert. You can check out the event at:

Lynnhurst is sending one of our Confirmands, a chaperone and myself to this event. We will be participating as part of the Kentuckiana Association group. The registration for this event is $375 per person. This fee includes event registration, housing and on campus meals. We need to raise $1,125 to attend.

To raise this money, we are organizing a Soup Sale on Sunday, February 9 after church and we will be receiving a Special Offering on Sunday, February 16. We need people to volunteer to make soup and people to buy soup on February 9. If you can make soup for us please send me an email or call the church office.

Thank you for supporting our youth in attending is amazing event!

Blessings on the journey,

Pastor Monica


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