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United Church of Christ 

One of our favorite sayings in the United Church of Christ (UCC) is "Never put a period where God has 
put a comma" because we believe that God is still speaking to us and to the world as while we seek peace and justice.

The UCC is one of the most socially and theologically progressive in America. Since 1957 this 
denomination has been known as the "church of firsts". The first to ordain women, first African American ordination, the first integrated anti-slavery 
society, first ordination of an openly gay man, the first to begin a school for the deaf, the first to publish 
a hymnbook with gender neutral language for both God and humankind.  
Even more, Lynnhurst participates in the UCC's motto: "A Church of Extravagant Welcome." This means 
our denomination and its local churches partner with one another and other agencies in our demands 
for justice, our sense of vision for youth and young people, our quest for ecological sustainability while 
cultivating space to develop culturally relevant practices of worship.
Click here to read the UCC Statement of Faith
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