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Lynnhurst United Church of Christ

We exist as a progressive group of friends and family who take seriously the idea that we are beloved children of a Creator God. We do our best to follow the teachings of Jesus while we seek the abundant life he preached and modeled. As individuals we might imagine this differently, as a church we think that living abundantly means we possess the ability to tap into a joy-infused beauty and wholeness that resides within all of us, even in the midst of sincere sorrow or crisis and the routines of day-to-day work. When the hardships of life keep us from inner peace, others from this church family can help or listen. We give thanks for the ways we get to participate in God's ongoing redemption of the world, whether it is forgiving a neighbor or advocating for justice. Often the simple parts and moments of life are the pieces that transform us most. So we are a hugging, smiling, laughing church. We hope to be a people of extravagant welcome like our denomination the United Church of Christ, which says, "No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here. Jesus turned no one away, neither do we."

Our setting in South Louisville is unique. We share the neighborhood with many international families, specifically the Burundi, African Evangelical Friends Church who utilizes our building. There are over 200 non-English languages spoken within a six mile radius of our location. Serving in an international and socio-economically diverse context like this affords us many opportunities to learn from our neighbors as we work together to account for needs that are different than our own.

We take seriously authentic community engagement, but that does not mean it is easy. We are working hard to enhance our listening skills, especially as we turn to the young people of our neighborhood for mutual teaching and support. We want to be a church that works alongside the people we serve since we are all in this boat of life together. We all have the capabilities to offer support as we ride waves that facilitate peace and friendship. We are all the beloved children of God.