Sunday School

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Sunday School (Under the What We Do tab)

Lynnhurst has a lot of fun during the Sunday School hour. Don't picture boring classrooms with scripted 

"Jesus answers!" Instead imagine full-sensory engagement for the kids, fresh and relevant dialogue for 

the young adults, and questions about cultural transition for the others. We see this forty-five minutes 

on Sunday mornings as space that offers lasting friendships while we explore together sacred texts, 

short films, or social hot topics, just to name a few. Basically, Sunday School at Lynnhurst is a touch-

point of support for the rest of your week. 

Another UCC pastor from Massachusetts (link that phrase to this site

once wrote this, " Spiritual formation is about our relationship with God, about learning what it might 

mean to be a follower of Jesus, about learning to deal with anxiety and worry/vocational 

questions/money/sex/relationships/parenting/etc. in a holy way. It is giving people the right shoes and 

gear to take their spiritual journey to a new level." Lynnhurst agrees.

Child and Teen 

Lynnhurst kids spend about an hour each Sunday after worship, 11:00am-12:00pm together walking A 

Joyful Path. This unique curriculum invites young people to use all five of their senses (taste, touch, 

sight, hearing, and smell) to experience the divine world that surrounds all of us. With a contemporary 

story from a secular saint or an ancient parable from a sacred prophet, the children learn through daily 

affirmations--a simple sentence that equips them to grow up secure in their identity as a beloved child 

of a compassionate Creator. You can experience more about our education approach here. (link the 

word "here" to this site:

Sunshine Class (Ages 4-6)

Linda Murrell, Teacher

Jennifer Day,  Assistant

Wisdom Lab (Ages 7-11)

Jessica Conatser and Eva Warren, Teachers

Brent Conatser and Kathryn Matheny, Assistants

Youth (Ages 12-18)

Richard Sandage, Teacher

The Youth (middle and high school) work hard to keep their time together relevant to life in school, 

dealing with parents and siblings, and how to live with balance while seeking God's presence in the 

midst of the ordinary. 


Young Adults 

Tyler Mayfield, Teacher

The Young Adults welcome anyone who is 20 - 50(ish) to this (almost) weekly group where seminarians, 

young professionals, singles and parents, politicians and skeptics consider broader-brush questions like 

"Why is Sunday morning still the most segregated hour in America?" or "What should we be asking and 

learning of other religions?" "Who says sacred experiences can only happen at church?"  Basically we 

cover current events, TED Talks, religious pluralism, and the Bible...sometimes all in one class.

Joy Class

Danny Hargrave, Teacher

The Joy class is for you Baby Boomers who wonder why your children are not as interested in traditional 

forms of church. This group follows the Revised Common Lectionary with the curriculum published by 

the United Church of Christ. It is progressive dialogue about engaging poverty, racial tensions, and 

materialism, for example.

Christian Builders

Karen Compton, Teacher

The Christian Builders focus their time on current events and hot-topic issues in our contemporary world 

in order to consider what it means to engage our planet and our neighbors faithfully, compassionately, 

and with generosity.

Co-Ed Class

Regina Weedman, Class President 

Myra Smith, Class Secretary

Mabel Sprowles, Teacher

The Co-ed class engages a weekly Bible study with lots of conversation and important questioning as 

they relate to the later stages of life.