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We are glad to share our building with you for your special event or celebration. Since our building is an important part of our ministry and we care for it as a community, we offer these guidelines so that it will continue to be a safe place for all who benefit from it.


These guidelines are for Sunday School related events or non-church events occurring on Lynnhurst United Church of Christ facilities. Furthermore, at the discretion of the Consistory, the building may be used for certain events hosted by nonprofit or charitable groups including sporting events, meetings, and/or other community events. Please see the following page for reservation procedures and fees.


Wedding guidelines and information are listed in a separate document.



  1. The church administrator oversees the procedure for requesting building use.

  2. Please complete the “Building Use Information Form” in its entirety and return it to the church administrator. Requests must include with specificity the activity or event which will occur in the building, the approximate number of participants, and any special needs, i.e., access to handicap restrooms, room set-up instructions, etc. This form is located on our website and at the church office.

  3. Upon receipt of the information form, your request will be approved by the church administrator and pastor. Initial usage, one-time events, and yearly scheduling of meetings requires consistory approval. The consistory meets on the second Tuesday of each month.

  4. Church events maintain scheduling priority and may occasionally preempt weekly or monthly use (of some parts of the building).

  5. Fees vary depending on use:

  1. The fee for the fellowship hall/gym is $40 per hour for athletic events

  2. The fee for classroom space is $25 per hour.

  3. The fee for the fellowship hall/kitchen is $300.00 per event. (Cooking is only permitted with expressed written approval.)

  4. The fee for optional custodial services is $100.00 per event.

  5. A $100.00 refundable security deposit is required two weeks prior to the event and will be returned within seven days after event.

  1. Upon approval, the contact person must bring an valid ID to the church administrator and pay any required fees and/or deposits.



  1. All events or groups using the building shall have a person designated for contact and accountability.

  2. Any group damaging or defacing church property or equipment will be responsible for its repair or replacement. Damage should be reported to the church administrator or pastor immediately.

  3. Alcohol is not permitted.

  4. Smoking in the building is not permitted. Smoking shall take place in outside designated areas only.

  5. No solicitation may occur without prior approval.

  6. Refrain from kitchen use or cooking, unless there is prior approval.

  7. All persons under the age of 18 shall be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  8. Children shall not be left unattended in any part of the building.

  9. Only athletic or soft-soled shoes shall be worn when engaged in any type of athletic event in the Fellowship Hall.

  10. Appropriate behavior, language, and decent conduct shall be used during athletic events by spectators and participants.

  11. The circular driveway is a designated fire lane and shall be used for loading and unloading only. No parking in this area.

  12. All lights, fans, appliances, etc. shall be turned off before the contact person leaves the building.

  13. Meeting rooms and/or the Fellowship Hall shall be left as they were found – chairs straightened, trash discarded, etc.  Restrooms shall be attended to also.

  14. The last person to leave shall securely close all doors.


Lynnhurst United Church of Christ is not responsible for any personal or rental items during any event.


The church reserves the right to revoke use of the building to any individual/group for violation of these rules or inappropriate behavior. 72 hours notice will be given in the event of building use termination.


Updated 6/09/2015